Wrigleyville Banding

Totally Into ItWe are winding down to the last few bandings. Boy has it been a long season! The chicks at Wrigleyville nested in a flower box on the balcony of a very nice couple. She’s been taking videos all season and sending them to her grandchildren, most of whom live in California. I guess it’s been the talk of the family. Sadly, most of her grandkids were in summer camp and the like, so they couldn’t come out for the banding. However, one of her grandsons was in attendance.

We didn’t have a place to band where there weren’t windows, so Mary and Matt decided to band just off the nest balcony. They were initially worried that the adults would be very upset and we had a contingency for that. However, the two adults were actually ok. They were VERY present and did not take their eyes of the activity inside even once during the 45 minutes it took to band all four chicks (two girls and two boys). However, they weren’t panicked – they were quiet, not screaming, and did not come up to the glass even once. They stayed safely perched on the railing and nest box, watching intently.


~ by Steph on June 17, 2013.

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