South Loop Banding

Chick NabbingTwo females.

The second banding of the day was at South Loop. Our friend, building engineer Safet, met us downstairs and after a bit of catching up, we went up to the roof. A few ladies from 1130’s marketing team decided to join us as well. Maria Callegari, the Assistant Marketing Director at 1130, got some great shots of Matt, Mary and I going out on the roof to get the chicks. She sent them to me and said that I could post them to Flickr, so thank you Maria! Since I mainly take care of photography for our little group, we generally don’t have shots of us all together, so the shots are great to have.

Both of the South Loop chicks were females, so I lost the bet I made with myself that one was male and the other was female. That said, one female was quite a lot larger, so at least I got the size difference right.

As usual, Mr. M. was on fire in the air! Even with two of us on broom, he nearly got a hit or two in on us due to his extraordinary aerial skills.

Oh, it is worthwhile to reiterate since the pictures of us with the brooms are on Flickr. We do NOT use the brooms to hit the peregrines. Quite simply, we hold them up to present the peregrines with a higher target than our heads. When they swoop down to hit, their feet hit the flexible and soft bristles on the broom instead of our helmets. It’s good for the birds and it is good for us. Even with the gear on, it doesn’t feel great to get hit by a peregrine. It can really ring your bell.

BELL! That reminds me. Last weekend, Sean and I went to the big REI sale and I got a new really nice all-weather windbreaker and a new helmet (Bell) that actually fits my head. For years, I’ve been using Sean’s old bike helmet. Sean’s head is considerably larger than mine, so the helmet was constantly falling forward over my eyes. I’ve also had it fall completely over to the side when I’ve been hit, which I suppose provides great protection for one of my cheeks, but leaves the top of my head exposed. So, GO new helmet!


~ by Steph on May 29, 2013.

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