R.I.P. Rahn and chick

Rahn Mothering Her ChicksSad news to report. Rahn was found dead by CBCM about three miles west of the nest site today. We are not entirely sure what happened to her as her body was in very bad shape. Rahn nested at the South Wacker site starting in 2006 and over the years fledged 15 young from that nest.

I wrote about Rahn previously because the team was very happy that she’d finally found a mate, laid eggs and hatched them after a couple of difficult and chick-less years. This is such sad news for the team and for all of the people who watch the Wacker nest (the oldest nesting site in the state). That said, I do find some solace in the idea that Rahn did live to see her young hatch.

Rahn’s new mate, Curtis, is carrying on raising the chicks on his own. He did lose one of the five, but five was a huge number of mouths to feed even for a pair of adults, so it is probably for the best.


~ by Steph on May 24, 2013.

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