Max’s Leg Bands

Finally. Full confirmation on the ID of the adult male at the MCCMary and I went up to Willowbrook to help Dr. Jen remove Max’s leg bands. Max looked great, though he is blinded in one eye. Dr. Jen put him under anesthetic for the band removal, which went very well. Mary also trimmed up his talons while we had him under. I got the chance to touch him, which was both wonderful and weird for some reason. I also got plenty of chances to photograph the bands that have been my white whale for so many years. I don’t know what felt more odd – touching Max or holding those damnable leg bands in the palm of my hand and FINALLY 100% confirming my band read after all these years. I’m glad that the read that I’ve felt pretty sketchy about year after year turned out to be accurate. Anyway, soon Max will be going to his new home. Good luck, Max!


~ by Steph on May 6, 2013.

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