Nitz and Mate at UIC

UIC adult female: NitzA nest turnover has happened at UIC. 16-year old Rosie was driven from the territory by a new pair of peregrines in mid-April. Both of the new adults have black over green bands, so it looks like Rosie’s unbanded mate also either did not return this year or lost the territory to the newcomers as well.

Mary and I went up to observe the new adults who are currently sitting on three eggs. The eggs were laid around 01-May. When we arrived at UIC, a very small peregrine with beautiful coloring (his yellow was more of an orange yellow) was sitting on the eggs. From his size, we were guessing it was the male, but without leg bands, you never know. After about 40 minutes, we saw the other adult fly by, so I wandered down the way to check other windows. I found the adult sitting on a ledge south of the nest ledge and was able to identify her as Nitz (b/g 2/*Y) born in 2001 at the Froedtert Malt building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Well, this is to say I identified her as b/g 2/*Y. I didn’t have my cell with me, so we couldn’t check the banding database. However, I did tell Mary that the bands sounded awfully familiar for some reason. As it turns out, that’s because Nitz has actually tried to nest in Chicago before. In 2004, she was identified at the Lawndale site with a mate. As far as we know, the pair was unsuccessful that year. In 2006, she was again identified at Lawndale. This time, her mate was identified too. He was Dave (b/g 14/K) born in 2001 at the Uptown Theater site in Chicago. Although copulation was observed, the pair was again unsuccessful. In 2007, the site was demolished, so we lost track of Nitz and Dave.

After an hour or so, Nitz finally took off for the nest to kick the male off the eggs. He left a little reluctantly, but when he did, he was out of there like a shot. I got one quick picture of his retreating back, but the only band visible was the back of the USFW band. We do know from the nest cam that his is black/green, though. I’ll be interested to see if this is Dave.


~ by Steph on May 6, 2013.

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