South Loop Nest Check

South Loop adult female: HelenMary, Matt and I did our first site visit of the year to the South Loop nest site. The building bought a new camera for the nest box, so we went up with the engineer to install the camera, ID the adults and count, weigh and measure the eggs.

I am happy to say that both Helen and Mr. M. are back at the nest this year. Mr. M. is still a little demon of the skies. In most cases, the females are the aggressive ones, but not at the South Loop. Mr. M. is an incredibly fast, amazingly agile flier. He looks you right in the eye as he comes in fast and low and then often at the last minute, tucks his wings in tight to dip under the broom. I do have to say, though, none of us were hit, although he gave it a hundred tries or so. I managed to get the broom under him every time so that his talons went whistling right through the bristles. That’s a good day.

Mr. M. and Helen are sitting on four eggs. The camera should be online soon. I’ll update the link here when it goes live.


~ by Steph on April 4, 2013.

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