Easter Sunday

Met Mary, Piper, Ben Marks and his dog Chapin at Grant Park early this morning. Sean and I got some much needed “pup time”. I miss having a dog. I brought my scope and we watched the south loop site for awhile. Both adults were there, centering activity around the nest box. At some point, one adult (I think the male), killed a grackle and brought it to his mate, who popped up onto the ledge from the nest box vicinity. We’re going up to the site Thursday to fix the nest camera and check for eggs, so I’ll get the ID’s then, but from our position on the ground, I could see that one adult had black over green bands. The other landed on the ledge in a rather awkward, wobbly way, which suggested that the south loop male, with his deformed left leg. We’ll see on Thursday!


~ by Steph on March 31, 2013.

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