MCC Updates, 13-March

Good news for MCC peregrine watchers.

Most exciting news EVER. A Flickr photorapher named John (Flickr handle: Chicago Man) had a sighting that blew my mind. Check out this picture. The perfectly readable bands identify our missing long-time MCC adult male Max! He’s back and looks fantastic. John caught him landing on a light post to preen after chasing a flock of pigeons around the block a few times. This picture represents the clearest pictures of that bird’s bands I’ve ever seen — and I’ve been after those bands for years. Good job and thank you, John!

Dan Cozza reports on 11-March-13 that he’s been seeing two adults in the airspace above the MCC, at least a couple of times.

Kevin Swagel of the FMNH reports that he saw two adult peregrines fly into the old west side nesting ledge on the morning of 13-March-13.


~ by Steph on March 13, 2013.

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