River Birds, etc.

Busy day today. Went to several sites, but here’s the interesting bits.

The river birds have again failed this year. The eggs were cold and two of them were broken. This is sad news, especially for their biggest supporter, Dave T., who sits at the desk nearest to the window overlooking the nest. Sometimes it takes a few years for a pair to be successful, so we’ll look forward to next year! Dave T., keep hope.

On to the quarry. We actually saw a quarry adult, but couldn’t get the bands. It is banded black over green. I had a moment of dismay when it looked as though the adult was going to kill one of two kestrels that were in the territory. It missed the kestrel, thankfully. Mary and I think the kestrels are also nesting in the area, so they may be getting on each other’s nerves if they both have chicks they are raising.


~ by Steph on May 20, 2011.

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