2011 Peregrine Falcon Season Open!

Hi all!

I realize things have been sparse on my end for some time. There’s a reason, believe it or not.

The Field Museum has a brand spanking new web site. It looks really nice and also provides for much more employee participation.

So, Mary Hennen (director of Chicago Peregrine Program) has decided we’re going to do a peregrine page from the Field Museum. As that will make the information I put here just a duplicate of the information there, I decided to phase this one out and work with her on the shared site.

I can’t give a specific timeline on the launch, but until it does launch, I’ll write really short posts here just to keep everyone happy! When the site does launch, there will be a link here!

For now, I can report that the peregrines are in full courting mode. Waukegan wins this years first egg award, so congrats to Waukegan! As always, if you go to my links page, you’ll see the Waukegan web cam up and running along with Evanston, South Loop, etc.

My pair, the prison birds, have been active and copulating, but thus far don’t appear to be sitting on eggs. I hope we’ll have prison babies finally!

So anyway, good to be back for another season and I’ll keep you guys posted on stuff!


~ by Steph on March 28, 2011.

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