Four Eggs!I mentioned before that Autumn Hope and her mate, previously our Magnificent Mile pair, have renested in the River Birds territory on the London Guarantee building. On May 25th, Mary and I went to the London Guarantee to check things out and found Autumn Hope sitting on two eggs.

Today, Mary, Matt and I went back to the LG to spiff Autumn Hope and mate’s nest ledge with some some pea gravel. I was really hoping that the mate would come in so I could get leg bands, but, sadly, that didn’t happen.

We DID see the fierce and furious Autumn Hope and four, yes – four – eggs. Matt and Mary spread a nice layer of gravel under her watchful gaze and laid all four eggs right in the center.

This is the first real renest I’ve seen. Mary and Matt have seen a few and I’ve read about late, successful renests in Michigan and Wisconsin.


~ by Steph on June 3, 2010.

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