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An Update from Mary Hennen at the Field Museum:

Hi Everyone!

We have chicks at a number of sites and unfortunately we lost the clutch at the Mag Mile building. Another new site has been located on the south side of the city.

If site is bolded, new information about 2010 is included. Please continue to send any reports or questions to (mhennen@fieldmuseum.org .) Keep an eye out for third bird sightings as a number of territorial fights have been observed this year. If you notice any mistakes in the following report, please let me know.


Chicago, North Broadway
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Total young produced at site: 42.
17th year for this site. Five eggs again for this year. Hatching is expected to begin sometime during the week of May 14th. Adult ID’s not confirmed for 2010. In 2009, adult female was identified as Auntie Em (b/g 5/*P), 1999, Landmark on the Lake, Milwaukee, WI (7th year at site). Genetics indicated a new adult male.

Chicago, Pilsen Park
Adult Female: (b/g R/?)
Adult Male: “Lyn” (unnamed) (b/g L/N), 2000, North Broadway, Chicago, IL (9th year)

9th year for this site. Three eggs laid, the first of which hatched on May 10th. The female is believe to be Amazon (b/g R/38), 2008, WEPCO Oak Creek Power Plant, Oak Creek, WI.

Chicago, St. Michael’s
Adult Female: Ballistic (b/g 69/C), 2005, Bohn Building, Cleveland, OH (4th year)
Adult Male: “Morgan” (unbanded)

Total young produced at site: 7.
6th year for this site. No view into the nest but judging by behavior it would appear the pair has young.

Chicago, South Loop
Adult Female: Helen (b/g 73/D), 2004, Busch Agricultural, Manitowoc, WI
Adult Male: “Mr. M.” (unbanded, left leg injured during 2009 nesting season)

Total young produced by pair: 3.
New location for 2010. Three of the four eggs have hatched.

Chicago, South Wacker
Adult Female: Rahn (b/g 01/A), 2001, WPL Edgewater Generating Station, Sheboygan, WI (5th year)
Adult Male: Joe (b/g 59/H), 2001, Froedtert Malt, Milwaukee, WI (3rd year)

Total young produced at site: 52
Oldest of Illinois nest sites (24th year), the first year nesting was attempted was 1987. Four eggs were laid. Hatching began on May 6th.

Chicago, UIC
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: “The Prof” (unbanded)

Total young produced at site: 25.
13th year for this site. The first chick was seen on May 13th. Adult male was confirmed as unbanded. The adult female’s ID has not been confirmed for 2010. The female is believed to be Rosie (b/r *6/D), 1997, Landmark on the Lake, Milwaukee, WI – her 12th year at site.

Chicago, Uptown Theater
Adult Female: Zoom (b/r *4/H), 1997, North Central Life, St. Paul, MN (10th year)
Adult Male: “Guy” (unnamed) (b/g G/G), 2001, NIPSCO Schahfer Plant, Wheatfield, IN (8th year)

Total young produced at site: 27.
10th year for this site. Eggs are believed to have hatched.

Alton, IL
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Behavior of adults would indicate chicks at this site. In late March both adults returned to the cliff site used last year, though they were discovered at a new location in April. In 2009, one adult was identified with bands b/g *A/? and a silver USFWS band.

Evanston, IL: Library
Adult Female: “Nona” (unnamed) (b/g 64/D), 2004, Firstar Bank, Cedar Rapids, IA (6th year)
Adult Male: Squawker (b/g 48/M), 2003, WEPCO Power Plant, Pleasant Prairie, WI (5th year)

Total young produced at site: 20.
7th year for this location in Evanston. Hatching began on May 1st. Three chicks out of four eggs.

Hyde Park, IL: University of Chicago
Adult Female: Cyclone (b/g K/28), 2006, J.M. Stuart Power Plant, Aberdeen, OH
Adult Male: “Eddie” (unnamed) (b/g S/T), 2000, Unitarian Church, Hyde Park, IL

Total young produced at site: 13.
Four eggs were still present as of 5/11/10. Hatching should begin week of May 14th.

Waukegan, IL
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Total young produced at site: 37.
10th year for this site. Currently at 2 chicks and an unhatched egg are present. Adult ID’s have not been confirmed for 2010. In 2009, the adults were male b/g and female Fran (b/g 5/*X), 1999, Hoan Bridge, Milwaukee, WI.


Chicago, Lake Shore Drive
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

This pair of peregrines is using gutters on a building near Addison. This year (2010), a pair was observed copulating during the last week in March. The adult ID’s have not been confirmed for 2010. In 2009 adult ids confirmed as male Stan (b/g 98/K), 2005, Uptown Theater, Chicago, IL and female “Chili” (unnamed) (b/g N/33), 2005, Alliant Energy Plant, Chillicothe, IA.

Chicago: Mag Mile
Adult Female: Autumn Hope (b/g 22/C), 2005, Execu-Stay Marriot / Allerton Hotel, Chicago, IL
Adult Male: ?

New Site for 2010. Nest of four eggs failed due to flooding. A single abandoned egg was collected.

Chicago, MCC (Prison Birds)
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Total young produced at site – 36.
13th year for this site. No sign of chicks in 2009. The adults have not been ID’d in 2010. Previous adults were male – “Max” (male banded as female and named Emily) (b/g 5/*E), 2000, WEPCO Oak Creek Power Plant, Oak Creek, WI, and female – Hercules (b/r *D/W), 1997, City Center, Minneapolis, MN. Currently, (2010) a pair have been observed at site. As of 4/4/10 both adults were still visible with copulation observed. Within this last week (prior to 4/16/10), a territorial fight with a third bird was observed.

Chicago: McKinley Park
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

New Site for 2010. A pair of peregrines has been observed using an abandoned building tower near McKinley Park. One adult appears to be banded and the other unbanded. Peregrines were observed at the site in the fall of 2009.

Chicago, River Birds
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

In 2009 a pair failed at their nest attempt. Currently (2010), a pair was observed for an extended period on 4/3/10 defending nearby buildings against a third adult. An intense territorial fight ensued. On 5/15/10 another third bird interaction was witnessed. No nest has been found for this year.


Chicago, Lakeview
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

In 2010, no birds present on brief recent visits to site. 2009 information – Adult birds present. The ledge used by the peregrines at this site is not accessible or visible other than from watching from the street. A pair of peregrines was seen throughout the season but no sign of nesting.

Chicago, Lawndale
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

This site is actively being worked on with rigging encompassing the entire building. No nesting activity has been observed neither has any adults during site visits.

Chicago, Loyola Campus
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

In 2009, no adult ID’s, but one bird was unbanded and second had black over green band 5/???. Nesting was not confirmed for that year. In 2010, a pair of peregrines was present during spring with observations of copulation. Recently (late March to early April), only intermittent observations of a single bird have been made.

Chicago, St. Mary’s Hospital
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

2009 information. New site for 2008. Single adult observed periodically in the spring. Two adults confirmed on 6/4/09. No sign of nesting or immature peregrines at site throughout the season.

Calumet River, IL
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Single adult has been observed at this location. In 2009, no nesting confirmed. On 4/29/09 id on 1 year old male at nest site, Malty (b/g 5/*1), 2008, Froedtert Malt, Milwaukee, WI .

McCook, IL
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

Visits to the quarries in 2010 have not been fruitful as no adult peregrines have been observed to date.

Peoria, IL
Adult Female: unidentified
Adult Male: unidentified

No update for 2010. 2009 information – 3 adult peregrines present March to June with the pair defending the nest box on the Associated Band Building. No nesting confirmed. Previous activity in area reported in winter of 2005/2006 when a mature male and immature female were seen. The nest box installed during this time period though no use of nest box was reported to date.

Schaumburg, IL
Adult Female: ?
Adult Male: ?

No update for 2010. 2009 information – Craig Hendee reports a pair of adult peregrines from March through June in the neighborhood of Busse Woods and Rt 53 near Higgins Rd in Schaumburg. No nesting or immature peregrines observed.


Big Red (b/r 33/K) from 2008 Wacker – Chicago, IL. Nesting at Jackson Co Michigan and incubating 3 eggs as of 3/31/10.


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