2010 Peregrine Monitor Symposium

IMG_6838Late last year, Mary had the great idea to have an early season symposium in 2010 for all of the nest monitors. Great idea! She put together a spectacular program in two parts. In the first part, she talked about peregrine identification, site selection and the details or our area birds. In the second part, she spoke about behavior and answered questions.

Everyone also got the chance to meet Denver and Molly, Mary’s male Red-tailed Hawk and female Peregrine Falcon, which was the big hit of the day for most in attendance. For me, and this is NO knock on Denver and Molly, whose company I am always pleased to keep, but for me the highlight was watching the monitor groups get to know one another as they talked over their particular territories. In fact, there were some monitors who watch the same territory who’d never run into one another! With any hope, a few new friendships formed. At any rate, looking over the audience, it became clear to me how lucky we are here in Chicago to have such a great group of people dedicated to making sure this population flourishes.

Oh, another highlight, Matt brought his son Sean, who I genuinely like and not just because he has a kick-ass name. It was Sean’s 14th birthday today, so Sean — Happy Birthday! Hope you had some cheesecake this time.


~ by Steph on April 10, 2010.

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