MCC Pair Observed

A beautiful, clear but cold, day and a willing partner means one thing – a good peregrine watching opportunity.

My wonderful husband Sean came along to help me gather information on the MCC pair this morning. Thankfully, they were quite active, although up very high on the LaSalle metra building, so no pictures.

We DID see them copulate, however. After copulation, the male flew down to the MCC nest niche, landed on the edge and turned to call to the female, who was still perched on the top of the L.M. building. She watched him for a few seconds and then settled in for a good after copulation preen.

So, we have a pair at the MCC. The male has selected the northernmost west facing niche (same as last year and the year before) as his preferred nesting site. The pair has copulated.

And that’s the news fit to print!


~ by Steph on April 4, 2010.

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