MCC 2010

After last year’s nest failure, Sean and I have been eager to find out whether two birds would show up at the MCC nest this year. In mid-February, we began to get word that two birds were in the area. About that time, we began seeing two adults in the usual spots as well.

In February and March, I went to the garage top and walked the base of the MCC a number of times to see what I could see. There were no prey remains on any of the north niches, nor were there remains on the top of the garage stairwell. However, I did find some sign on the western side, where the jailbirds had taken to nesting in previous years.

In late March, I was up on the ‘el platform, waiting for a train, when I saw two adults zip in to the northernmost western niche — huzzah! We heard from a few others in that week saying that they’d seen the same.

This morning, Sean and I went out to watch the MCC for awhile and spotted two adults high up on the LaSalle annex right as we got to the top of the parking garage. The building is about 2 blocks away and about 20 stories up, so leg bands were out of the question, but we were able to see enough detail to determine that both adults were sizable.

About an hour in, we saw one adult land on a window box at the very top of the building. Soon after landing, we witnessed copulation! After copulation, the male streaked down to the nesting niche, calling to his mate all the way. He landed and immediately turned to look up, presumably to see if she was following. Alas, she was still atop the annex, preening away.

So! Will we have jail chicks this year? Is Hercules still around? Is Max? Can’t wait to find out!


~ by Steph on April 4, 2010.

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