Fledging again!

The Loop-A male DID fledge! This evening, I went by the nest on the way home from work. I saw the two girls on the ledge as soon as I walked up. On the building to the south, I saw an adult and on the building to the north I saw an adult — mom and dad. And then I spotted another bird on the building to the north! I quickly unpacked my binoculars and focused in. Sure enough, the other bird was the fledgling male! Excellent!

As I watched, the adult on the same building, Helen as it turned out, took off from her corner and made a pass by the little male. She squawked at him as he passed and he squawked back before puffing up his feathers to preen. She landed and stared over at him, squawking again to get his attention. He stopped preening and shouted back at her and then began strutting up and down his ledge. I swear to God, there’s no other way to say it – that boy was STRUTTING. Pretty proud of himself, I think. And so he should be. His ledge was way up above the nesting site, so it took some fairly good flying to reach it. Good for him!

Now we just need the ladies to follow!


~ by Steph on June 22, 2009.

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