More Fledgings

Quick updates on fledglings!

Deborah wrote to report that all of the Evanston chicks have fledged successfully. Also fledged Sunday (the 14th), grounded and was replaced on the nesting ledge by Deborah. He took his second flight Monday. Ean, Deborah and Elinor fledged also on Monday the 15th. Deborah-chick went down on her first flight and Deborah-human rescued her, fitting I think! Deborah-chick took a bit of time to recover from her first flight, causing some anxiety amoung her humans, but was up in the air in spectacular fashion the next day.

The Evanston crew, headed by Deborah, have had a few big adventures with the four new Evanston peregrines. Although I could give you the skinny here, it’s MUCH better reading in their own words on the Evanstonpfwatch page.

Isabel wrote to say that both the UIC boys have fledged successfully as well. When considering these two nesting spots – Evanston and UIC – the UIC nest provides such a radically easier fledging area! UIC has miles of open sky surrounding the nest and many trafficless places to land, whereas the ledge in Evanston is surrounded by taller buildings and close to busy streets. Thank God for the Deborah and the Evanston crew!


~ by Steph on June 18, 2009.

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