Mystery Solved!

My plea to the masses worked! Today, I had email from Frank, who volunteers with the Canadian Peregrine Foundation, our good brothers and sisters to the north! It seems that he and his were probably responsible for the band number searches I saw on the site yesterday! MYSTERY SOLVED!!

Thank you, Frank!

I had a nice couple of email back-and-forths with Frank. He asked me about rumors he’d heard of a Toronto bird nesting down here and I, sadly, had to inform him of Etienne’s death. He expressed sadness that Etienne had been lost, but said that like all of us in this biz, he knows that’s part and parcel of this gig.

He also filled me in on a couple of their nests and reminded me that I needed to check out their page, which I did over the weekend. Looks like they’ve got a whole LOT going on up north and I urge anyone who is a peregrine enthusiast to spend some time reading their nest site updates. I guarantee it’ll eat some hours, but it’s well worth it.

Tomorrow is the love of my life’s birthday, so I’ll probably go check the MCC nest (if it isn’t pouring rain) and then take a day off from peregrines to heap attention on my man. I’ve got a really good idea for a dinner out!



~ by Steph on June 12, 2009.

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