New Info!

Ok, a quick post just to update on two developments!

A pair is definitely active in Pilsen and have been ID’d at the old nesting site. The adult male has been confirmed to be “Lyn” (unnamed), b/g L/N (2000; Broadway, Chicago, IL). The adult female is new to our area. Her name is Amazon, b/g R/38, and she’s a young little thing! She was born in 2008 at the WEPCO Oak Creek Power Plant in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The pair seems to be hanging around by the nest box, but there’s no sign that they nested this year.

It does my heart good to see that Lyn has found a new mate after losing Bryanne last year. Mary tells me that it’s a very good sign for nest season that Lyn is introducing Amazon to his nesting ledge this season. I would really love to see those two successfully nest next year. I may have some more information tomorrow as Mary and I plan to go out to the site and have a look for ourselves!

A few days ago, I had another pleasant surprise when I heard from last year’s St. Mary’s monitor, Kevin. He had a really nice picture of a pair of adults on the top ledges of St. Mary’s. It was great to see the pair confirmed and even better to hear from Kevin!

Another Midwest Peregrine Falcons group member, Profiles of Nature submitted some great pictures of the Uptown family, including a really excellent picture of the Uptown chicks. They are very, very close to fledging, as you can well see in the picture. They aren’t the only ones! We have a number of nests with young ready and raring to go.

I’m buckling my seat belt now!


~ by Steph on June 11, 2009.

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