Waukegan Banding

Waukegan BandingI did not attend the Waukegan banding today, but I have the chick info! Waukegan had four chicks: three girls and one boy. Mary told me that Waukegan decided to go with either Celtic or Gaelic names, so I looked them up and this is what I think they mean.

Cara (F, b/r 00/E): This means “dear” or “beloved” in both Celtic and Gaelic.

Neala (F, b/r 01/E): This means “champion” in Celtic and “ruler” in Gaelic. Either way, it’s a good name for a peregrine female!

Ealga (F, b/r 02/E): This means “noble” in Gaelic.

Kevan (M, b/r 10/D): This means “gentle” in Celtic and “handsome” in Gaelic. I bet they were going for the Gaelic translation.

This was the first banding, so the score stands: females (3), males (1)!


~ by Steph on May 26, 2009.

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