The Waukegan Four

Four Chicks at Waukegan As you can plainly see, Waukegan has four very healthy looking chicks now!

In other news, Sean and I spent about six hours on Sunday walking around the South Loop looking for the “Museum” birds. We did not see one trace of them until we were back up by State and Roosevelt on our way home, of course. A small part of me wanted to chase the single adult cruising the skies above State and ~14th, but one look at my very tired husband convinced me otherwise. The blisters on the back of both of my heels appreciated that decision as well.

While we didn’t find the south loop pair, we did come upon several other interesting things. For one, we finally identified the big “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”-looking building down south by McCormick as Chicago Manufacturing Plant 1. For two, we found a very comfortable bar called Kroll’s. Parched, we wandered in at hour 4 to hydrate and use the restroom. Both Sean and I mentioned that the bar had a distinctly Vegas feel – not in any sort of glitzy sense, as it is a pretty standard dark-wood sport’s bar. But, when we walked in the door and sat down, I genuinely expected video poker machines to be inset into the bar top. Sean said he’d felt the same exact way.

About twenty minutes after leaving Kroll’s, we rounded a corner to see an Elvis impersonator entertaining a lazy after-church type crowd on the patio of a cafe. I can’t stress enough how out of place the Elvis impersonator looked in that setting, where one would have expected instead to see a cellist or small wind ensemble. I guess it was just one of those Sunday afternoon in Spring Vegas-Chicago days.


~ by Steph on May 4, 2009.

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