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Mary sent her peregrine update email! So, without further ado, here it is:

From Mary Hennen, Field Museum:

A number of pairs are currently on eggs. Thanks to everyone for keeping me updated on various sites. Send me any sightings or questions (mhennen@fieldmuseum.org). Both the Evanston and Waukegan webcams are active. Be sure to check them out at http://www.epl.org/falconcam/ and http://www.earthcam.com/usa/illinois/midwestgen/ respectively.



Chicago, MCC/Prison Birds
12th year for this site. Adults using west side of building and appear to be nesting. In 2008, two of three chicks survived. 2008 Adult id – female Hercules *D/W (b/r 1997 Minneapolis MN) and male Emily 5/*E (b/g 2000 Milwaukee WI).

Chicago, North Broadway
This is the 16th year for this site. First egg seen on March 25th.

Chicago, Addison & Lake Shore Drive
Currently (2009) a pair of peregrines are using a gutter on a building near Addison & Lake Shore Drive. During 2006/2007 a pair of peregrines began using the ledges of a building near Belmont and Lake Shore Drive. The female that identified at the site move to St. Michael’s. In March of 2008, 2 peregrines frequented a building near Addison.

Chicago, Pilsen Park
In 2008 the adult female died just at the time the three eggs should have hatched. The nest was abandoned. A single bird has been around throughout the winter. As of 4/7/09, the nest box was still empty. Unconfirmed sighting of two adults in the area. 2007 male b/g L/N (Broadway, Chicago, 2000).

Chicago, The River Birds
In same location as 2008 nesting on a building at Michigan Ave & Wacker Dr. Four eggs. 2008 adult female was identified as b/g V/S (Clayton Mo 2003.)

Chicago, South Loop, Field Museum
A pair has been observed frequenting buildings on Michigan Ave, due west of the Field Museum. No confirmation on any nest attempt. In 2008 the adults were an unbanded male and female Helen b/g 73/D (Manitowoc WI 2004). In 2008 all nesting attempts failed.

Chicago, South Wacker
This is the 21st year for this site. Currently the female is incubating at the north end of ledge. While she wouldn’t stand up so we could count eggs or read leg bands, the male did come in. He was confirmed as Joe, b/g 59/H (Milwaukee, WI 2001).

Chicago, St. Michael’s
5th year for this site. Currently incubating 3 eggs. Adult id has been confirmed as female Ballistic b/g 69/C (Cleveland OH 2005) and an unbanded male. The 2008 male Hops 58/M (b/g 2003 Milwaukee WI) was last observed in fall of 2008. The 2008 nest failed.

Chicago, UIC
11th year for this site. Currently incubating. Two eggs seen on 4/6. Male has been confirmed as unbanded and female b/r. 2008 female was Rosie *6/D (b/r 1997 Milwaukee, WI).

Chicago, Uptown Theatre
9th year for this site. Currently incubating. Three eggs on 4/1/09. In 2008, fledged three and adults were the male G/G (b/g 2001 Wheatfield, IN) and female Zoom *4/H (1997 St. Paul. MN).

Calumet, IL
In 2008, nested in new location on bridge over Little Calumet River in steel beam of bridge. Nest is inaccessible. Single fledgling observed. 2008 adult id: one had b/g band. ?? on second adult.

Evanston, IL, Evanston Library
6th year at this location. First of four eggs on March 28th. 2008 Adult id: male Squawker b/g 48/M (Pleasant Prairie WI 2003) and female 64/D b/g (Cedar Rapids IA, 2004). Webcam: http://www.epl.org/falconcam/

Hyde Park, IL: University of Chicago
2009 adults confirmed as b/g S/T (2000, Hyde Park – Chicago, IL), offspring of his mate Magnolia (Blk 22R, 1991, LaCrosse WI). Two boxes are available though the birds have again used gutters. They are currently in their second gutter location for the year and appear to be incubating.

Waukegan, IL
9th year for this site. Currently incubating at least 4 eggs. In 2008 fledged five young. 2007 adults: male b/g and female Fran 5/*X (b/g 1999 Milwaukee, WI). Webcam: http://www.earthcam.com/usa/illinois/midwestgen/


Chicago, Lakeview
Adult birds present. The ledge used by the peregrines at this site is not accessible or visible other than from watching from the street. A pair of peregrines are periodically observed.

Chicago, Lawndale
No new information for 2009 to date. Single bird observed on 5/12/08. 2006 adult id male Dave 14/K (b/g 2001 Chicago, IL) and female Nitz 2/*Y (b/g 2001 Milwaukee, WI).

Chicago, Loyola Campus
2009 adult id. One bird is unbanded and second has black over green band 5/???. Copulation has been observed though the nest location if any has not been found. Two peregrines have been seen at this location since spring of 2008.

Chicago, Northwestern Hospital
Possibly pair present, one adult confirmed. No nesting attempt observed to date.

Chicago, St. Mary’s Hospital, Chicago
Bird have been seen this (2009) spring. New for 2008. A pair of peregrines have been seen throughout April & May 2008 frequenting the ledges of St. Mary’s Hospital at Oakley & Division in Chicago. One adult was confirmed as banded though no id.

Batavia, IL, Fermilab
No sightings for 2009. New Site for 2007 which had a pair hang around but no attempt to nest. Adults were Joe b/g D/11 (Broadway Chicago IL 2005) and Neomi Jo b/r P/*L (Trimble Co. Kty 2006) No birds observed since the winter of 2007/2008. Two nest boxes were installed in February 2008 though no birds observed during the nesting season.

Bloomington, IL
Wintering site. Single bird over winters but no sign of birds during breeding season. Last seen in winter of 2007/8. A nest box is present.

McCook, IL
Pair seen in vicinity this spring (2009). New site for 2007 in which 3 immature peregrines fledged from rock ledge in a quarry. Adults last seen early in 2008 though no nesting was observed for that year.

Marseilles, IL
No information for 2009. Exelon LaSalle County Generating Station. Pair present in 2008, no id on adults. Photographic confirmation of pair of peregrines at site in previous years. Single bird observed during winter 2005. Pair in 2006 laid 2 eggs which did not hatch. Adult female at the time identified as Carrie b/g 76/B (Broadway Chicago IL 2003). No report for 2007.


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