Fred and Fred Jr.I had to go into work today, partly to get some things done at my own job, but partly to be on hand for a special visitor.

I think I’ve mentioned that when our banding team went to Wacker to band the chicks, Fred, the building engineer we’ve all gotten to know over the past couple of years, had his son there to witness the event. Although he’d gotten approval from the building prior to bringing his son all the way in with him to work, some confusion ensued and his son was not allowed to attend the banding. Fred Jr. was, needless to say, crushed.

Mary and I felt just horrible as we watched the Fred and his teary-eyed son exit the building that day and we both vowed we would do something nice for them both. SO! Mary decided to give them a very special bird department tour and asked me if I’d be there too. As for me, I printed a number of pictures for Fred Jr., mostly of the Wacker falcons, but also some of his father during bandings. Mary also brought her wonderful Red-tailed Hawk, Denver, in for Fred and his son to see. What a treat!

Sean decided to come in with me for the tour and I think everyone, maybe even including Denver, had a great time. Fred Jr., though shy, seemed to really open up to Mary and it seemed as though Denver enthralled him – I’m with you on that one, Fred Jr.

Sean and DenverAfter we bid goodbye to the pair, we went back up to the third floor and Sean got to briefly hold Denver before Mary put him back in his crate – Denver, not Sean. The expression on Sean’s face as he held Denver was priceless – he loved every minute of it.

After work, I monitored the prison chicks until nightfall. Hercules and Max made several attempts to bait the chicks off the ledge by flying by repeatedly with food in their talons. The chicks made a lot of noise, but steadfastly refused to jump. Finally, the family settled in for the night – the two chicks hopping down into the nest and the parents puffed and snoozing on either side of the niche ledge.

A long, but good day!


~ by Steph on June 21, 2008.

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