Wacker Banding and UC Trip

RahnYesterday, we banded the two Wacker chicks – a boy and a girl. We had quite a big group for Wacker, including a special invited group from CNA, so I spent much of the time talking with them. However, I did get a chance to snap a few pictures of the Wacker female. I am quite happy to report that we’ve confirmed the female is Rahn (b/g, 01/A). So, kudos to Rahn for finding a mate so quickly after Etienne passed. The CNA folks and the young son of my favorite building engineer, Fred, named the chicks:

  • Big Red (F) – for the CNA building, which the employees call, well, Big Red!
  • Nel (M) – for Darnel. We still have to find out who Darnel is. Fred and his son are going to be coming to the museum soon for a special tour, so I’ll try to remember to find out then!

Oh, something interesting to note. We are changing back to BLACK OVER RED bands this year. Seems we’ve cycled through all the black over green bands. I’m pretty happy about this as I’ve found the red bands to be oodles easier to read through a scope.

After the banding, I went down to the University of Chicago campus and spent hours wandering around, talking to people, searching building rooftops and searching the ground under buildings looking for any sign of S/T and/or Magnolia. I didn’t find a thing – no prey remains, no whitewashing, no one who had seen a peregrine lately – nothing.

I did, however, find out that pay phones have become a thing of the past. About half way through my UC trek, I decided to call Sean to let him know I’d be late, when I realized I’d left my cell phone at home. I spent the next hours stopping in buildings, looking for a pay phone. Finally, I walked down to the hospital, figuring if ANYWHERE was going to have a pay phone, it would be a hospital. After looking through the halls for awhile, I finally happened upon a security guard. When I asked her where the pay phones were, she laughed.

“Oh, they took the pay phones out of the whole area about two years ago!”

“Wha…? I mean, ok. On campus, I can see. But, a hospital?!? They don’t allow for the idea that someone, in an emergency, might forget to bring a cell phone with them? And, I mean, if there is any time you urgently need to make a call, it’s going to be at a hospital.”

“I know, I know. I thought it was the dumbest thing too. Here, honey, come on back to my office and use my phone.”

She was so sweet to let me do that. Thanks, nice Security Guard Lady!

Pictures and more later!


~ by Steph on June 6, 2008.

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