St. Mary’s Hospital

Awhile ago, I began receiving mail from a Flickr member in the Wicker Park area regarding peregrine sightings at St. Mary’s Hospital. Kevin turned out to be a very good source of information as he checked in on the sight with some regularity and always had his camera in tow.

I wanted to document the sightings here so that we have it on hand. Several people from our program have gone out to St. Mary’s and they, too, have seen a peregrine – though only a single bird. Kevin, on the other hand, has not only seen two birds at one time, but has also gotten photos. So, we are keeping close watch on the sight and will do so next year as well.

Here’s Kevin’s missives to me:

(April 30, 2008) (The Pictures)

Greetings Stephanie,

Maybe it’s just a case of falcon fever, but over the past couple of days I think I might have spotted a pair on top of St. Mary’s Hospital, on West Division between Leavitt and Oakley. I uploaded a pic to my Flickr page… it’s not very good, and I’ll keep trying to get a better shot if they stick around.


(May 15, 2008)

Hi Stephanie,

Thought you’d like an update… since my first sighting of a peregrine on St. Mary’s Hospital on April 30, it has stuck around, with sightings to date on May 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, and 12. I still have not managed to confirm two birds at once, although the way a bird appears on the hospital roof so quickly after one zooms off into the distance makes me optimistic.



(May 24th, 2008) (The Pictures)

Hi Steph,

I took an early jaunt past St. Mary’s this morning, and am happy to report a pair! The male never moved from the northwest corner; the female was away when I arrived, but came and went a couple of times at the southwest corner. Photos to follow.


This is exactly the type of thing that I was hoping would happen when I created the Flickr group Midwest Peregrine Falcons. I have been so thrilled to get Flickr mail and regular email from so many people across the midwest this year! It feels like we’ve added so many names to the friends of the peregrines list. Keep it coming, guys! And Kevin, great job! You have our ear and we’re on the case.


~ by Steph on May 24, 2008.

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