They’re Baaaaack!

No RespectAfter several days of not seeing the Museum pair, Mary and I felt sure that they’d moved on for the season. But, this morning as I came into work, I saw the familiar silhouette atop the museum roof, just not in the familiar place.

It seems Mr. M. and Helen have changed venues. They sat near one another on the southwestern side of the building, Mr. M. on the tip of the curly ornament and Helen on the ledge beneath.

I settled on a picnic table beneath them to watch for a bit. After about five minutes, Mr. M. hopped from his perch, arced around in the air and landed atop Helen. So, they were still trying!

After that short episode (sorry, Mr. M.!), he returned to his previous perch and called down to Helen. She disappeared from view into the gutter. Oh dear. From a slanted floor to a gutter – not the right move, guys!

I gathered my gear up, excited to go report to Mary, but then movement caught my eye. I looked up and saw one of the museum kestrels coming in from the north.

The kestrel flew with purpose and great speed on a direct course for Mr. M. “Flight of the Valkyries” immediately began to play in my head as I cringed.

“What in the heck are you doing, you stupid kestrel?!?” I mumbled, raising my camera.

The kestrel hit top speed just as it came into range and – *fwaaap* – hit Mr. M. right on the top of the head as it raced over. The kestrel was moving so fast, it was well away by the time Mr. M. even registered that something had hit him. He wobbled for balance, unfurling his huge wings and flapping a couple of times before righting himself and settling down on his perch once more.

Mr. M. and I both watched the receding form of the kestrel in the southern distance. I guess the little guy just got to his limit of tolerance with our peregrine pair. Either that or he was counting coup. Either way, what a little daredevil!

Twenty minutes later, I stood in Mary’s office discussing the museum pair’s new spot. As I left her office, she was already on the phone with the building engineer.

Here’s hoping this site is better than the last one!


~ by Steph on April 15, 2008.

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