The Good Folks Who Tend the MCC Peregrines

Hood OrnamentThis morning, as soon as I woke up, I went to my scope to look up at the EPA roof. Chick #1 was still up there and an adult was still watching over her. I wonder where Chick #2 is? Is Chick #2 actually the chick on the roof? Who knows. At any rate, one chick is just fine and on the roof, so that’s good!

At 11am or so, I got email from Preston:

“I did not have my bino’s w/ me and couldn’t stop for long but there was a bird at the nest site around 10:00am – I just had a fleeting glance but could not tell if it was the juvie or adult – it looked awfully white on the breast but its posture appeared young.”

Then, from Dan at around 1pm:

“Just spent about 20 minutes over lunch watching the prison cell and EPA roof from Clark Street and saw nothing, no one, nowhere.”

Man, it’s so great to know these guys are keeping watch too. The MCC chicks are the luckiest.

As I write, Sean and I are about to watch Scorsese’s Mean Streets, which Sean claims to have never seen. I’ve seen it at least twice, but it has been awhile. If Sean actually hasn’t seen it, I think he’ll enjoy it a lot. It’s a great film.

I can look out our window and see the profile of a chick sitting on the SW corner of the EPA building. On the railing right above it, sits an adult. I can’t tell right now whether it is Herc or Max. The light is so low, even through my scope, there is no detail. I’m guessing that it is Herc, based on size. One adult has been up there with her all evening. She’s been from one end of the roof to the other, and always the adult follows behind.

It’s my hope that the other adult is with the other chick somewhere. That seems possible — even likely. Anyway, I’ll keep a good watch over the weekend, I promise. Have a good night everyone!


~ by Steph on June 22, 2007.

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