More of the Same

Uptown Chick!Not much to report! Chick Two still owns the nesting ledge, though every time I see it, it seems like it had grown! Should fly very, very soon now. No word or sign of Chick One, but that is probably a good thing. Chances are, as busy as it’s been down here, if it had gone down somewhere, someone would have noticed.

Work training goes on and goes well, though I will say that rapidly learning a whole new group of organisms is a bit stressful. Lucky I get excited by that kind of challenge. Today, we went through the collection and I got more camera time. God, I love that camera.

I ran into Mary. Both Wacker chicks have gone down, but both were fine and released back on the nesting ledge. Other than that, we seem to be getting a lot less downed chicks this year. Yay! That is a REALLY good thing.

Oh! And Mary heard from Dave, the caretaker at the Uptown Theater. He said that all of the chicks have been flying around the area, mostly roosting on the big bank building when they aren’t in the air. So, that means that all of the Uptown chicks have successfully fledged!

More later!


~ by Steph on June 20, 2007.

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