Happy 37th Birthday, Sean!

Herc SnacksToday, my husband turns 37 and he’s as wonderful and handsome as ever. So, here’s to a great 37th year for Sean!

I spent the morning on the garage top, trying to get a picture of Max’s leg bands and watching for any signs of chicks. Hercules came in with a huge pigeon in talon shortly after I arrived and settled across the way on the Board of Trade Annex. The good old girl gave me a nice, long, clear look at her leg bands, which I’ve now read 67,000 times – but it’s always good to have something to record for the day, so thanks Herc.

Max came in just after Herc finished plucking most of the pigeon. He landed on a lighting fixture about three to the north of her and settled down to watch her eat. I swung my scope over to see what I could see, but unfortunately, he was sitting in fairly deep shadow over there and I couldn’t get any fine focus.

When Herc was done eating, she took off with the pigeon, headed for the nesting ledge. I flipped my camera over to the movie setting and started filming as she landed, hoping that the small mic would pick up the chick noise, which was quite loud to my ear. I guess I wanted to have a little something to show Mary in order to prove I wasn’t hallucinating chicks. That can happen, you know.

Max perked as Herc landed, but waited a bit before taking off for the nesting ledge himself. As he landed, a noisy exchange took place between the two adults and the chick(s) before Herc came back out again.

It should be any, any day now.


~ by Steph on June 13, 2007.

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