Still Nothing

I spent about 5 hours all-tolled watching the MCC today. Pretty much more of the same. I know there are chicks up there. I can hear them clearly and Max and Hercules are guarding that side very well.

I found out that at least one, if not both, Pilsen chicks fledged today. I mentioned my concern about the lack of any visible MCC chicks to Mary and she reminded me of some things.

Even though Max and Hercules seemed to be on a schedule similar to the other area nests and, further, similar to last year, because we can’t see inside the MCC nest, we just don’t know the actual situation.

It could be that the chicks are popping out, but I’m just not catching them at the right time. It could be that the chicks are all females and thus, a little slower to develop since they are so much bigger. It could be that Max and Herc’s first nesting attempt failed and this is the second nesting attempt, so the chicks are markedly younger.

Because the nest faces to the west, it sits in hot sun for much of the day. The chicks would not be as likely to come up on the ledge only to swelter in the glare. Like most of us, they’d stay down in the shade of the nest where it is more comfortable.

Still, I do have to say, I’m going to feel much better when I see the chicks.


~ by Steph on June 12, 2007.

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