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5821 N. Broadway
Adult female Auntie Em (b/g 5/*P, 1999, Milwaukee, WI) and adult male Tracy (b/g *P/M, 1997 Broadway, Chicago, IL) had five eggs. The first chick was sighted on May 9th.

Belmont & LSD
In the fall of 2006, a pair of peregrines began using the ledges of a building near Belmont and Lake Shore Drive. On November 21, 2006 the female was identified as Ballistic (b/g 69/C, 2005, Cleveland, OH) and the male was identified only as far as having a b/g band. We received no new reports regarding this pair again until then end of April 2007. Apparently, two eggs were laid in a gutter and lost during a rainstorm on 4/2/07. Ballistic was reported at the end of March over at St. Michael’s, paired with adult male Hops (see St. Michael’s below).

Evanston Library
Unnamed adult female (b/g 64/D, 2004, Cedar Rapids, IA) and adult male Squawker (b/g 48/M, 2003, Pleasant Prairie, WI) had four eggs. The first of four chicks hatched on 5/11/07.

Metropolitan Correctional Center (Prison Birds)
Birds nesting, eyrie not visible. Adult female Hercules (b/r *D/W, 1997, Minneapolis, MN) and adult male probably Emily (b/g 5/*E, 2000, Milwaukee, WI) (the top number 5 has been confirmed). Note on adult id: Names not confused, the male was banded as a female.

Pilsen Park
Adult female Bryanne (b/g 9/*Y, 2000, Froedtert Malt building, Milwaukee, WI) and unnamed adult male (b/g L/N, 2000, Broadway, Chicago, IL) had four eggs. Two eggs hatched and one male and one female were banded on 5/22/07.

Adult female Rosie (b/r *6/D, 1997, Milwaukee, WI) and an unbanded male (probably the same as last year) had four eggs laid by April 7th. Three chicks hatched around May 11th.

Uptown Theatre
Adult female Zoom (b/r *4/H, 1997, St. Paul, MN) and unnamed adult male (b/g G/G, 2001, Wheatfield, IN) had four eggs. Three eggs hatched and three male chicks were banded on 5/24/07.

Adult female Rahn (b/g 01/A, 2001, Sheboygan, WI) and adult male Etienne (b/b 7/6, 2002, Etobicoke, Ontario) had 3+ eggs. Two eggs hatched and two female chicks are to be banded on 6/1/07.

Adult female Fran (b/g 5/*X, 1999, Milwaukee, WI) and unidentified adult male (b/g) had four eggs. Three eggs hatched and two males and one female were banded on 6/1/07.


Hyde Park
While only one peregrine at a time has been seen, a female, Magnolia (black 22R, 1991, LaCrosse, WI) was present on 5/29/07. Magnolia has been in Hyde Park for 14 years. She was defensive of a gutter but nesting cannot be confirmed at this point. In November 2006, we received photo confirmation of male S/T (2005, Unitarian Church, Hyde Park, Chicago, IL), who nested there in 2005 mated with his mother Magnolia.

The ledge used by the peregrines at this site is not accessible or really very visible. From the street, we could see that adult birds were present at site in April & May 2007.

Fermilab, Batavia IL
A pair of peregrines are utilizing the ledges on the main building at Fermilab. No nesting is confirmed but both adults have been identified. The adult female is Neomi Jo (b/r P/*L, 2006, Trimble Co., KY) and the adult male is Joe (b/g D/11, 2005, Broadway, Chicago, IL).

Field Museum
A pair of peregrines have been seen this year using the ledges on the Field Museum. The ledges thought to be the nest ledge is inaccessible and without an avenue for viewing. Copulation was observed in late March and again in May. The peregrines were absent from the site throughout the majority of April and returned near the end of the month. Nesting has not been confirmed. The adult male is unbanded and the female has been identified as b/g 73/??.

There are birds present, but as yet, no adult identifications have been confirmed nor any nesting verified.

River Birds
Peregrines have been reported in the neighborhood of Adams in Wacker. Two adults were sighted in March. Recently a peregrine has been observed in that neighborhood flying along the Chicago River and frequenting the Prudential building.

St. Michael’s Church
Previous female, Kelliwatt (b/g 60/D, 2004, Aberdeen, OH), seen gravely wounded after laying a blood covered egg. She has not been seen since late March, although her body has not been found either. The new adult female seems to be Ballistic (b/g 69/C, 2005, Bohn Building, Cleveland, OH). The adult male is Kelliwatt’s mate, Hopes (b/g 58/M, 2003, Milwaukee, WI). Although both adults have been present at the nesting site, a check of the eyrie revealed no eggs or nesting attempt.


Bloomington, IL
This seemed to be a wintering site for 2006/2007. A single bird over-wintered and was last sighted during the week of March 5th. A nest box is present.

Lake Calumet / Skyway
No activity has been noted for 2007. Birds were observed in 2006, including copulation. Two immature peregrines were observed near the skyway bridge.

Loyola Campus, Chicago
A juvenile peregrine was sighted on a Jesuit residence on 5/9/07. It was also seen on Mundelein looking over Sheridan Road.

Peoria, IL
No current activity. A mature male and immature female were seen during the winter of 2005/2006. A nest box installed during this time period as well.


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