Max and Hercules!

So, I had a busy, busy day today – a lot of catch-up stuff that fell by the wayside due to peregrine season. However, while at home, I monitored the MCC from our windows. As I’ve mentioned, I haven’t seen anything of Max for some time. I have to admit I began to feel concerned. I mean, it’s a hard-knock life for falcons. Stuff happens.

I am quite happy to report that around 5pm today, I swung my scope around towards MCC airspace and instantly spotted both adults sitting on the EPA roof railings (the skyperch). Kicking my scope up to x75, I could just make out the colors on the bands. The bird on the right had a black/red band, so was probably Hercules. The bird on the left had a black/green band, so was probably Max. Yay! They both look great, by the way.


~ by Steph on May 25, 2007.

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