More from Mary

More from Mary! I hope one of the MCC chicks gets spotted sometime this season.

Illinois Birds Nesting Outside the State

Jean (b/g 19/C)
Jean fledged from the Evanston Library in 2005. Currently, she is incubating 4 eggs on a bank building in Milwaukee.

Raynie (b/r A/*H)
Raynie fledged from Chicago’s Broadway site in 1995. Currently, she is nesting at the Pleasant Prairie Power Plant in Kenosha, WI. This is her eleventh year nesting at this site. In 1996, she nested at the WEBCO Oak Creek Power Plant in Milwaukee, WI.

Beth (b/g 25/B)
Beth fledged from the Waukegan site in 2003. She is nesting for the second time (2007) at Green Bay’s WPS Pulliam Power Plant in Wisconsin.

Nancy – (b/g 5/*4)
Nancy fledged from the Waukegan site 2002. In 2006, she nested for the third year at the BP Amoco Refinery in Whiting, Indiana. A new nest box was installed for 2007, but no peregrines have utilized it to date, although birds have been sighted in the area (no ids confirmed).

Laurie – (b/r E/*H)
Laurie fledged from the Hyde Park, Chicago site in 1995. She was seen on 4/10/07 at Cline Ave, IN. To date, no nesting has been confirmed. This is Laurie’s 10th year in Indiana.


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