The Magic Hedge

Brrrrring!The weather just keeps getting nicer! What a lovely weekend this has been.

In honor of it all, Sean and I decided to expand our nature outings to include Montrose Point and the Montrose Point Sanctuary. I am embarrassed to admit that I’ve never been, although I’ve heard many, many birders talk about this mystical place in the sanctuary called “The Magic Hedge”.

But first, the MCC falcons. It’s been a very quiet weekend for them, but I have seen them both and they seem just fine and dandy. I still have to find a way to get on top of one of the buildings on the west side of the jail. I’m sort of stumped on that one.

They seem to be shifting their favorite perches more westward. I’ve seen them on the red brick building to the west of the jail with far more frequency and on the Monadnock ledge not at all. The north MCC nesting niches remain pristine. They don’t even seem to be caching food over there, much less perching. It looks sort of sad and lonely, even though I know they are just around the corner.

Anyway, the Montrose Point Bird Sanctuary didn’t disappoint, even though we arrived in the middle of the day (not prime bird watching hours). We saw a lot of birds, took a lot of pictures and generally enjoyed the walk and the quiet. I’m sure we’ll be going up there with more frequency over the summer.

Last week, I stopped by Central Camera and came away with a brand new set of binoculars, so we tried those out! Sean absolutely loves them (as do I) and I highly recommend them if you can find them (they are discontinued) – Nikon Sporter I.


~ by Steph on April 29, 2007.

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