The Doldrums

Peregrine Falcon MunchiesWhat a very, very grey day today. It reminded me of the doldrums from The Phantom Tollbooth – a grey, misty place where people floated aimlessly in a sea of boredom. Anyway, lucky I have falcons to break me out of the doldrums!

I watched the MCC falcons for about three hours. I’ve come to the conclusion that they are, indeed, nesting on the west side for sure, probably in the northernmost niche. I shall have to find a way to view that niche, if I can.

Max was the most active, sticking pretty close to the MCC for the most part but jaunting off to hunt now and again. I saw Herc come out of the nest and fly straight south twice, but she wasn’t gone long.

Max did well with his hunting, that’s for sure. When I arrived, he was plucking a bird on the SW corner of the EPA building. He delivered that package to the nest and then took off to the west. After about 10 minutes, he came back and landed on the red brick building to the west, where he preened a bit before taking off to the south. This time, after about 10 minutes, he came back with a pigeon and landed right across from me, on the Board of Trade Annex.

I took a zillion pictures of him, many using my telephoto. I hoped at least one would show a legband number, but alas…


~ by Steph on April 23, 2007.

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