MCC Season 2007 Commences!

Peregrine Falcon - Probably HerculesLet the 2007 MCC Peregrine Falcon season commence!!

Even though this is my first post about the MCC, I’ve actually been out and about for a few weeks now. It’s just been pretty cold and rainy, so I haven’t been taking pictures.

The pair that hung around the MCC territory all winter is still around and getting more and more active as the courting season begins. I’ve witnessed several copulation passes, mostly taking place on the SE corner of the EPA building. One memorable pass took place on the camera on top of the prison. I say memorable, because the female nearly fell off the thin pole when the male landed on top of her. She managed to hang on through the very short interaction.

Dan Cozza has been in contact. He writes:

“I am out of the office today and tomorrow. I have seen some activity, but it is never as much as I would think should be going on this time of year. I can not yet figure out what cell they will call home this year. I even noted that they have been spending time on the southwest face of the prison. I did note last week, both adults (I have only seen two not three adults) at the same time, going in and out of 4 different cells on my side of the prison, like they were shopping for a new home to see which one they liked best. With the new paint jobs, I think that want to check them all out.”

Today, I went out to look and, as Dan had mentioned, both birds hung out mostly on the west side of the building.

One bird sat on a 6 story building across the street. I saw that the bird had red and black bands and I bet it is Herc, but I don’t know for sure. After about a half hour, she soared down into a niche in the west wall. She stayed for maybe 5 minutes and then came back out, making a lot of noise. Another adult flew in right as she was leaving and they exchanged noisy, but companionable, squawks.

Mary says that they’ve nested on that side once. So, I’ll have to keep an eye on things! It’ll certainly be a more challenging area to watch, as I don’t have a handy garage to set up in. Ah well!

I’ve also been spending a decent about of time monitoring the museum pair, but I’ll have to admit, I’ve seen them less and less since Sunday. Mary says that is probably because they are brooding eggs and one would have to sit out there for hours on end in order to catch the male and female switching nest duty. Woot! So exciting.


~ by Steph on March 29, 2007.

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