A Fun Day

Field Museum Through the East Colonnade 2What a warm and nice day for late March in Chicago! Although it was a bit blustery, Sean and I decided to go soak up some sunshine and get some fresh air and exercise. So, we packed all of our things and headed towards Northerly Island.

On our way, I asked Sean if he would mind stopping by the museum for awhile so that we could try to get some pictures of the new museum pair. He gave the plan the thumbs up and not long after, we set up on the hill between Soldier Field and the Museum.

The pair didn’t disappoint. Sean and I stayed to monitor for about and hour and a half. In that time, they swooped in and out of the south side’s triangle cut out (you can see it in the picture above, bisected by the flag poles).

So, it really looks like nesting! Wow!


~ by Steph on March 25, 2007.

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