Merry Christmas!

HerculesMerry Christmas, everyone!

This morning, after Sean and I opened presents and ate a WONDERFUL Christmas breakfast, I pulled my scope over to the window to look for the MCC falcons.

I see two adult birds almost every day, except when it is snowing. This late morning was no exception. One bird perched atop the Monadnock building. With my scope, I could see that the bird’s bands were black and red, but of course, from this distance, I couldn’t read them. I assume that is Hercules, but I can’t be sure without reading her bands.

MaxWay up high on the railing of the EPA roof, I saw another bird. I couldn’t see anything of the bands, but I’ll bet money that’s Max.

It was a lovely thing to see on Christmas morning!


~ by Steph on December 25, 2006.

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