Wendy-bird Passes

The Skyperch at DuskSadly, I have to report that Wendy has passed. Mary received a call from a vet downstate. Apparently, Wendy had flown into a barbed wire cyclone fence surrounding a prison. Although she was rescued very quickly and rushed to a nearby vet, her injuries were far too extensive and the vet felt the most humane course of action was to euthanize her. He called her leg band numbers in and was put in contact with Mary.

Just last week, I saw Lesley interacting with either Herc or Max on the corner of the EPA building. One of the adults landed on the corner with food and she landed and loped over, seemingly half-heartedly begging for food. The adult took off when she got close. Sean watched her for a bit through the scope and commented she looked pretty danged buff. I have to agree. She is one large and in charge female falcon!

Taking OffI’ve seen all three in the airspace over the jail, cruising around, hunting, etc… In March, when the courting season begins, Herc and Max won’t let Lesley hang around anymore, so she’ll be on her own. But, for now, it’s nice to see her up there.

As sad as it was to lose both Wendy and Beth, statistically, the survival rates for the first year of life has panned out for our prison chicks. I do, however, wish all four were still out there somewhere. I’m excited to see where Sean and Lesley end up and wish the best for both.

Now for Herc and Max. After the chicks fledged, the MCC started some major work on the outside of the building. I, and many others, watched with interest to see if Max and Herc would abandon the site since there was so much human activity. I am happy to report that Max and Herc toughed it out, stubbornly remaining at the site even with workmen going up and down past the ledge day after day. Now, the work is finally done and peace has returned. Dan Cozza reports that both falcons still perch on the nest niches these days, so it would seem that they will stay the winter. I have seen them daily, mostly sitting on the corner of the EPA building or on the camera that juts out at the top of the prison.


~ by Steph on October 12, 2006.

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