The Trouble With Legbands. New Pictures from the Amazing Preston.

Max on the Stairwell Roof (P. Kendall)Last night, Preston stopped by my house to drop of a set of pictures. I’d asked him to look through his collection and see if he had anything that might give us a look at Max’s leg bands.

Anyone who’s read this far knows that Max is not really Max. When I finally score his leg band numbers, his name will, more than likely, change from the one I’ve favored to the one he was given as a hatchling by his banding crew. As I looked through the pictures, I found a few that provide evidence for at least the top number, which is more than I managed taking 200 or some odd pictures of Max over this last two months.

So, here’s the first in the series of Max bringing a pigeon to a bunch of very hungry, very aggressive chicks. You can see the rest on my flickr site:

Here’s a kind of sweet series featuring Max feeding a very polite, very patient chick:

Polite Chick (P. Kendall)

And here is a series of Max on the Monadnock:

Max on the Monadnock (P. Kendall)

And that’s it! Thanks so much Preston!


~ by Steph on June 28, 2006.

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