Nothing Much!

Phew! After that rash of huge, long reports, I have another short one. Nothing really new to add. All seems quiet on the falcon front. Again, last night I saw one bird atop the EPA building roof and four birds flying around in a dizzying fashion over the EPA airspace. Since we know that the male of the clutch and Beth are at SOAR, we must assume the birds are Max, Herc, Lesley and Wendy as any other birds in that territory would be attacked and driven away.

I finally got my field notes in and will now back-track to spiff up the very early installments that Sean and I just ported over from my old site “as is”. So, check back and read back, because I may have more pictures up.

So, back to work for me! Have a good day, everyone.


~ by Steph on June 27, 2006.

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