The MCC Male!

Things have been very quiet for awhile, which has allowed me to catch up on non-falcon related work and slowly but surly transcribing my field journal into this online journal. I am almost there. So, check back, if you are interested, because past dates will be filling in. I finished the 16th and 17th today, for instance.

The big news today concerns the MCC male who fledged on June 12th. Mary got word last Friday that he’d been recovered on the 14th by animal control somewhere around the 200 block of Wabash. They forgot to give us a call. He went to a raptor rehabilitation center Mary doesn’t know very well. Ok. Wait. Back up. Mary had word that an unbanded falcon chick had been recovered, but we both surmised it must be the MCC male based on the “unbanded” and date of recovery (so soon after his fledging on the 12th).

Mary checked on him Friday night and confirmed that, indeed, he was the MCC male. I’ll have his band numbers soon, but he looks just fine. In fact, as soon as he went into the big free-flight chamber at the rehabilitation center, he flew to the very top. He’s been eating fine, looks great and moves beautifully. She thanked the people and took him down to SOAR, which is way closer to her house. He and the Wacker male, E/23 (who is also at SOAR)will be released soon.

E/23 landed in rehabilitation after he went down for the third time. He’s matured well, though, and must just be a daredevil bird. Mary and the rehabilitators want to make sure both can hunt and kill very effectively on their own. So far, both of them seem brilliant at the task. Anyway, I feel very happy this morning knowing that he is just fine and will be cruising the free skies soon.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, I watched four peregrines doing “maneuvers” over the prison/EPA/garage air space. One of the birds, a juvenile, has taken up roosting residence on the EPA building and can be seen there throughout the day. I can’t see the bands because the bird is too far away, but Mary and I both think it is either Wendy or Lesley. I saw another juvenile Friday evening and Saturday afternoon sitting on the corner of the CNA Insurance building and have also heard other reports of the same throughout last week. I imagine that is Wendy or Lesley.

Beth (b/g, K/41), the falcon that Dr. B. found and we released but then Dan and Preston found again, this time in less ideal condition, continues with rehabilitation. She is eating just fine and looks good, aside from some trouble walking still. She will be taken to the vet sometime early this week for a check-up. If something continues to impede her walking, she’ll be given to a good, licensed home and raised as an education bird. Cushy life, education birds have! So, all will be well.

This afternoon, I received a funny email from Dan Cozza: “FYI: Saw one of the young females fighting with their mother today over a pigeon. They were on top of the board of trade on the far SE corner of the roof playing tug of war, when Mom decided to get a table for one by leaving and landing on one of the silver light standards on the side of the building. I think much to her dismay, that the young one followed her after about 5 minutes, and landed on the top of the same small light. Mom again took off with the meal and went out of our sight. – Dan”

Very cool.


~ by Steph on June 26, 2006.

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