Word on Beth

I’m going to stop with the “Development Day Count” as thing are pretty much winding down now that all the chicks have fledged!

A short note today before I try to catch up with my work here at the museum. I saw a chick perching on the top of the EPA building early this morning. I would guess it is Wendy. I had a report of another chick on the corner of the CNA Insurance building and I would guess that is either the male or Lesley – my money would be on Lesley, since that’s the area where she was last seen.

The vet still didn’t feel completely comfortable with Beth’s balance this morning, although she felt that Beth would be just fine after some rest, relaxation and rehabilitation in a nice safe place. Mary took her up to SOAR this afternoon where she will be watched and pampered. There is nothing to suggest she won’t make a recovery.

This morning, I found various bird parts on the garage top. One of the parts was the tail and wings of a Yellow-billed Cuckoo, which Mary and I saw cached on the corner of the EPA building when we released Lesley yesterday. It probably blew off. The other stuff seemed fresh.

Back to work for me!! Have a good day, all!


~ by Steph on June 20, 2006.

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